Our Ethos

Our ethos is to embrace positive ageing and place residents at the centre of all our decisions in relation to the provision of care.

We encourage individual choice and active participation in care related decisions based on effective communication and information exchange. Involvement of family and friends enrich care and contribute to a happy homely atmosphere. We promote independence, health and well-being and aim to provide a safe therapeutic environment where privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected.

Our Aim

The aim of care reflects our ethos and person centered vision in that our service provides a safe, caring environment in which all of our residents receive a high standard quality care in response to their assessed needs. We respect the dignity, individuality and unique worth of each resident/patient, fostering a holistic approach in all aspects of care.

Our Commitment

We are committed to promoting the independence of our residents/patients personally, medically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. We advocate for enhancing the quality of their lives to the fullest extent possible. We maintain and promote quality of life by ensuring that opportunities are available, accessible and developed. Every individual resident and patient is assisted and motivated for growth in all dimensions of life.


We encourage the involvement of the residents, families and representatives in the decision-making processes concerning their individual person-centred care plan. We believe in the right and responsibility of individuals to determine their own destinies. We encourage all those in our care and their families to express choices consistent with their life-long values.

Our Team

As a team, we work toward developing a relationship of trust and respect between our residents and patients, their families, friends, our employees and the communities we serve. We aim to foster a positive alliance with community thereby promoting co-operation, accessibility and accountability to the community.

We strive for excellence in all our endeavours, not only to meet the standards and regulations as set out by the healthcare authorities but to exceed all required standards and in so doing establish our own quality benchmark. We manage human and financial resources responsibly, and provide cost-effective care and services to meet the individual needs of all in our care. We establish criteria to evaluate and audit the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality of care and our services.

We recognise the expertise, spirit, value and contribution of each member of staff and encourage each member to have a voice in the operation of our organisation. We continually strive to advance and broaden the knowledge and skills of each employee by encouraging them to participate in educational and professional activities.

We pledge to conduct our service within all laws, regulations and standards of excellence applicable to all people in our care. The happiness of our residents, our patients and staff is a measure of everything we do. It is important that all those involved with our Care Centre develop a fuller understanding of the word “care”.

We recognise the expertise and valuable contribution of all staff and the importance of team working. We strive for excellence and on-going learning and development inform our high standards of care. Research and audit are used to validate and improve practice.