Board of Directors and Management Team

Kiltipper Woods Care Centre (KWCC) is a privately-owned Care Centre.

Board of Directors/ Registered Service Providers:

Dermot McDermott, Mary Woods , Person in Charge – Director of Nursing, Dermot J. Mc Dermott

The Board of Directors / Registered Service Providers are committed to developing and implementing robust and sustainable governance frameworks to ensure systems through which Kiltipper Woods Care Centre is accountable for are continuously improving the quality of services provided and maintaining high standards of care. The Providers are committed to implementing the Centre’s Code of Conduct which is aligned with the Department of Health Code of Conduct for Health and Social Service Providers published in May 2018. A culture that is transparent, open and supportive of confidential good faith reporting and the principles of open disclosure is promoted within the Centre at all levels.

It is the policy of KWCC to monitor and develop the quality of care and experience of the residents on an on-going basis. Quality improvement involves a range of activities including risk management, incident reporting, handling complaints, research and effectiveness and clinical audit. These activities are sustained through good leadership, continuing professional development, team working and effective information systems.

Improving care and delivering a responsive and person-centred care service is at the heart of the philosophy of Kiltipper Woods Care Centre.

Management Team:

KWCC has a clearly defined management structure that identifies the lines of authority and accountability, specifies roles, and detailed responsibilities for areas of activity including support services.

The Management and governance of Kiltipper Woods Care Centre is directed by a team of highly qualified, dedicated and committed members of staff who continually strive to raise standards of care in order to optimise the experience of all service users.

Collectively the Management Team have post graduate qualifications in many specialised areas which include MSc In Healthcare Management, MSc in Gerontological Nursing, MSc in Leadership and Management. MSc Care of the Older Person, and many others including Post Graduate Qualifications in Palliative Care, Dementia Care, Psychology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Fire Safety, Health and Safety, HR, Law, Administration and Accounting, Business and Marketing, and MSc in Rehabilitation.

The Management Team are responsible for:

  • Co-ordination of the Centres activities
  • Managing the Centre’s daily operation and resources in an efficient and effective manner
  • Monitoring the quality, performance and delivery of services to ensure patients / residents receive the highest quality care
  • Monitoring standards and practice to ensure compliance with all relevant contractual, professional and regulatory requirements and national guidelines
  • Managing risk to ensure the delivery of safe and effective health and social care
  • Managing the financial and contract performances of the Centre
  • Supporting the devolution of decision making and accountability to the most appropriate level within the Centre
  • Delivering against the core values of the Centre