Visiting Arrangements


Following the issuing of the latest visiting guidance we are reviewing our visit arrangements to facilitate more flexibility and at the same time minimise risk and maintain the safety of the resident, staff, and visitor.

The visiting will be extended to two visitors per resident at the scheduled visit but with flexibility as appropriate on compassionate grounds to meet the needs of residents. There is no limit to the total number of nominated visitors.

Visits should be scheduled in advance, booking opens on a Monday morning @ 9am for the following week.

The number of visits per resident per week is two. Any additional visits will be subject to the capacity to schedule the visits safely.

The duration of visits is limited to 30 minutes with flexibility on compassionate grounds in exceptional circumstances to extend to one hour.

Please arrive on time for each resident / visitor to avail of the allocated time and to avoid any delay for the next scheduled visitor.

Visits by a child may be facilitated if the child is accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility for ensuring appropriate conduct and the child is able to comply with the general requirements for visiting.

Each resident should have nominated visitors for whom the Care Centre has contact details. Please email with nominated visitors, name, phone number, email address and relationship to resident.

Visitors must be familiar with the visiting processes that apply which are symptom and temperature-checking, determination of previous known exposure to COVID-19, and use of correct hand hygiene techniques. Visitors are reminded to wash hands before and after you enter the resident’s area and to adhere to Infection Control precautions in place.

Any visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms will not be admitted. Visitors are required to sign in on entry to the Care Centre  

Visitors are required to wear a cloth-face covering or a surgical mask during the visit with flexibility in relation to the needs of the resident and visitor when they are together at a safe distance from others. You may also be asked to wear a protective apron.

Visiting will be facilitated in the designated visiting areas located at reception or in an outdoor area (weather permitting) where distance can be maintained.

Outings for a drive with a visitor may be facilitated subject to medical advice, a risk assessment and confirming that the visitor does not have symptoms of COVID-19 and is not a COVID-19 contact.

Visitors are reminded not to use the resident’s facilities. No food or refreshments are permitted.

Visiting during an outbreak of COVID-19

If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in the Care Centre visits will be suspended in the first instance except for the most critical circumstances (for example end of life). Visiting arrangements will continue to be reviewed and updated as necessary in accordance with Public Health/Infection Control advice.

If you have any queries that you would like addressed with the Nursing Staff, we ask that you contact them by phone following your visit.


Car parking facilities are available free of charge on the Care Centre grounds. Management cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property while parking in the grounds.

Parking must be avoided close to the front door as this area is required for ambulance access in an emergency.

Parking must also be avoided over the pathways as this can interfere with the ability of wheelchair users to safely negotiate the paths.

Parking is provided for the Physiotherapy Department in designated parking spaced near our Rosewood Unit – only people attending physiotherapy can park in these spaces.

Clamping is in operation for cars parked illegally.