Visiting Arrangements

There are currently visiting restrictions in place at Kiltipper Woods Care Centre.

You will be aware of the significance of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and of the risk it poses to our residents and staff and the larger community.

Our primary concern is the safety and welfare of our residents / patients and staff and the reduction in the spread of the Coronavirus.

For the protection of the residents / patients and staff in Kiltipper Woods Care Centre, we are no longer allowing non-essential visiting. Children will not be allowed to visit at any time. We are also advising residents / patients against attending community group events outside the Centre as this may pose additional risks.

All visitors are asked to contact our Centre prior to attending. Visitors should only seek to visit in urgent circumstances and management reserve the right to impose full restrictions where necessary.

We urge prospective visitors to be cognisant and understanding of the measure that is required in the interest of resident / patient and staff safety. Older people and people in our care centre with pre-existing medical conditions are particularly vulnerable if they contract the virus. The virus presents an unprecedented challenge for us and all Healthcare facilities. We are imposing the visitor restrictions in the best interests of residents and staff.

We thank people for their understanding and patience during this period of unprecedent challenges presented by Covid-19. 

Management in the centre are acutely aware that visiting restrictions may be difficult for our residents / patients and their families. If you wish to telephone your resident / patient, we are willing to assist, or you can phone directly to their mobile or bedroom phone, for residents / patients who are unable to use a phone we are happy to pass messages from you to the resident.  

Anyone with queries regarding visiting should contact the centre at 01.4625277.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Car parking facilities are available free of charge on the Care Centre grounds. Management cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property while parking in the grounds.

Parking must be avoided close to the front door as this area is required for ambulance access in an emergency.

Parking must also be avoided over the pathways as this can interfere with the ability of wheelchair users to safely negotiate the paths.

Parking is provided for the Physiotherapy Department in designated parking spaced near our Rosewood Unit – only people attending physiotherapy can park in these spaces.

Clamping is in operation for cars parked illegally.