Visiting Arrangements

EFFECTIVE FROM 8th February 2022

As we transition to more normalised visiting, we must ensure the safety of everyone as far as possible. We will continue to monitor the risks of COVID transmission among our residents, staff, and visitors.

To enable us to achieve this objective, visiting in KWCC will be managed with the lowest possible level of control measures that facilitates more open and flexible visiting, however, we wish to ensure everyone’s continued safety. This places a responsibility on everyone who visits KWCC to continue to self-assess for any symptoms you have and if in doubt do an antigen test before coming to visit.  Visitors must comply with the required IPC related precautions while visiting, however, the resident’s rights, privacy and dignity will be respected.

Visitors should be made aware that any visitors with fever or respiratory symptoms should not visit and if they come to visit, they will not be admitted. Visitors should be aware of the visiting processes that apply which include:

  1. A check for symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. A check if the visitor has been advised to self-isolate or restrict their movements for any reason.
  3. Visitors are required to wear a surgical mask when in communal indoor space or corridors during the visit.
  4. Visitors who are vaccinated with booster and the person they are visiting is vaccinated with booster do not need to wear a mask or avoid contact when they are alone with the person they are visiting.

Visitors are required to sign in on entry to KWCC (regulatory requirement). Visitors will be guided in performing hand hygiene when they arrive and before signing in.

We ask that visits continue to be booked to facilitate resident choice and to enable us to manage footfall on the unit, however, you can phone our reception staff at any time that is convenient for you in advance of your planned visit.

We welcome the additional change that Long Term Residents can identify one nominated support person. This nominated support person does not need to book their visit, but we ask that they visit at an appropriate time that suits the resident. Visitors should aim to avoid visiting while the resident may be receiving personal care and during mealtimes. Residents and family members are very welcome to nominate a support person and advise us of the name of the nominated person.

Please contact reception in relation to current daily visiting times:  014625277 or


Car parking facilities are available free of charge on the Care Centre grounds. Management cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your property while parking in the grounds.

Parking must be avoided close to the front door as this area is required for ambulance access in an emergency.

Parking must also be avoided over the pathways as this can interfere with the ability of wheelchair users to safely negotiate the paths.

Parking is provided for the Physiotherapy Department in designated parking spaces near our Rosewood Unit – only people attending physiotherapy can park in these spaces.

Clamping is in operation. On arrival, please provide your car registration to reception to avoid being clamped and incurring a fee.