Occupational Therapy

At Kiltipper Woods we provide Occupational Therapy to both our long term residents and those availing of rehabilitation care. We work in a client-centred way to enable people to do the everyday things that are important to them when faced with illness, injury, disability or challenging life events.

All of our interventions are tailored on thorough assessment and goal setting, and are responsive to the changing needs, values and interests of each individual. Our aim is to maximise functional independence in the areas of life that are meaningful to an individual and their families.

Specific Occupational Therapy interventions at Kiltipper Woods may include:

Long Term Care

  • Retraining in activities of daily living
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Supply of adaptive aids and appliances
  • The provision of specialised seating and pressure care
  • A range of individual and group work including mindfulness, cognitive stimulation therapy, therapeutic creative arts, multi-sensory treatment, reminiscence, baking and gardening
  • Environmental adaptations
  • Falls minimisation
  • Establishing meaningful routines and roles
  • Assistive technology

Rehabilitation Care

  • Retraining in activities of daily living
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Advising families and patients on how to best manage functional and cognitive difficulties
  • Advice on adaptive aids and appliances
  • Advice on specialised seating and pressure care
  • Falls minimisation
  • Liaison with your community healthcare team